We are a welcoming and nurturing United Methodist community of faith. We worship at 519 Oakville Rd., Shippensburg, PA. 9:00 AM on Sundays. We have been sharing the love of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ for nearly a century and a half. We invite you to join us for worship!

Pastor Blanca Baker

We come together on Sunday to worship God. At 9 AM we gather to worship God in the beautiful and casual setting of our sanctuary. At 10:15 AM there are Christian education opportunities for adults and teens.

If you are thinking of visiting us, we promise we will not embarrass you. Worship leaders will not publicly introduce you as a visitor or require you to speak to the congregation. We won’t ask you to participate in singing or prayers – unless you wish to. You may sit wherever you wish and just observe – whatever is most comfortable for you.

We will welcome you quietly and with God’s love. Our Sunday morning worship times last about an hour to an hour and ten minutes. If you are thinking of visiting us, please do! You will find hope, purpose, care, and nurture for your whole person and your whole family at Oakville United Methodist Church.

In worship, we sing traditional and occasionally some current worship music. We pray, share our experiences of faith in God, we read the Bible, we hear a brief message, usually from Pastor Blanca Baker, based on the Bible, but relevant for our lives today.

Holy Communion – Typically, on the first Sunday of the month, we celebrate Holy Communion. On the night before Jesus gave himself for us, he was with his followers at a celebration meal. He took bread from the table, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to his followers. As a sign of the work God was doing through his own self-sacrifice, Jesus said, “This bread is my body broken for you. Eat it and remember me.” He then took the cup of wine and said a similar thing, giving it to his followers and saying, “This is God’s promise in my blood, poured out for you and for many for the forgiveness of your sin. Drink it remembering me.”

Communion bread and wine
Bread and juice are served so that young and old may partake

As Jesus has instituted this meal as a way for us to avail ourselves of God’s love and grace, remembering God’s mighty acts to forgive our wrong and offer us eternal life, we celebrate this meal on first Sunday of the month.

You will be offered a small piece of bread and a small cup of grape juice. It is a way of acting out a desire to receive God’s love in all that Christ offers. No one is required to participate, but this celebration is open to all who wish to move toward God’s love and grace.